About Us

Our Beliefs

We are a Bible-believing Presbyterian church, at present unaffiliated. Our congregation is united in submission to the inspired and inerrant Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, which are the only authoritative rule of faith and practice given by Christ to His church.

Our Beginnings

Grace Presbyterian Church was begun in 1988 by a group of people who desired to worship in submission to the Word of God, build up His people in the faith, and promote the spread of the Gospel in our community and around the world.


Our church was originally a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. In 2004 our congregation voted unanimously to leave the OPC because of its departure from essential points of sound doctrine. You can read more about these events and the reasons for them here. A year later, our congregation voted to join the Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church, which was dissolved in October 2015. We are presently praying about affiliation options for the future.

Our Pastor

Dr. Jeffery A. Sheely is a native of the Hanover area and our founding pastor. A graduate of Lancaster College of the Bible, Chesapeake Seminary, and International Bible College and Seminary, he ministers the Word each week and serves needs of our congregation.

Our Desire

We desire to build up a Godly generation that will:

  • Remain faithful to the inerrant Scriptures

  • Know, proclaim and guard the one true Gospel

  • Use the sacraments Biblically

  • Govern the church with Biblical integrity under the headship of Christ

  • Protect the heritage, and entrust it to the next generation of believers